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Mission IIMpossible 2015

Mission IIMPossible - 2015
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves solving 1550 previous CAT questions before your rendezvous with CAT 2015. It is essential that you solve all the questions which are spread over 3 sections and 11 categories. Questions are organized into 183 doable sets. As always, you should share your methods and skills with the team to support a collaborative learning culture.


As we move towards  CAT 2015 preparation, we need to turn on our best game. It's time to build our gyan and fine tune our strategies. An effective way to achieve the aforementioned objectives is to solve and learn from a wonderful treasure trove called Previous CAT Questions. Each CAT question comes with a learning opportunity. We either learn a new concept or an approach that will be much smarter than a conventional one.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone set out on a treasure hunt, collected a lot of previous year's CAT questions, organized them into various categories and then gave them to you without attaching a price tag.  Mission IIMpossible is a humble and sincere effort to support your preparation with a bunch of gems we have collected - Questions from the past 20 years CAT papers. We have scheduled a doable set of CAT questions for each day for next 6 months and the end result will be that you will solve 1550 CAT questions, spread across eleven major categories, before your rendezvous with CAT 2015.



Happy Learning... Stay MBAtious.